Data Backup and Recovery

A disaster is one of those things that always happens to other organisations. Until it happens to yours. The alarming fact is that an organisation without a disaster recovery plan may struggle to stay in business after a serious failure in its IT infrastructure, whether that is a data security breach, data loss, or more tangible problems such as theft, flooding, fire or other emergency.

Going hand in hand with IT security, backup and disaster and recovery will provide you peace of mind, should your systems suffer a serious outage, breakdown of service or security issue.

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The Technology Doctor can perform a full audit of your system, building a profile of the most vital functions, identifying the longest permissible down time, and developing a prioritised list of critical systems.

The Technology Doctor can then recommend a backup and recovery solution that will employ services and supplies including:

  • Main system fail-over.
  • Virtual office provision
  • Backup hosted mail provision
  • Backup management software
  • Tape/NAS/SAN/cloud backup
  • Incremental backup
  • Managed services.

The Technology Doctor systems can help you insure against a worst case IT scenario by providing you with a resilient and reliable backup solution, coupled with a full disaster recovery plan including skills transfer and training.

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