Computer Tune-Ups

If your computer is not performing the way you know it should, The Technology Doctor can help. Our computer tune-up service will optimize your computer’s performance to the best it can possibly be.

The Technology Doctor takes a detailed and personalized approach to optimizing your system.

You likely need a tune-up if your computer is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Slow response
  • Hangs or freezes during tasks
  • Slow system load time
  • Programs crash
  • Error messages (Blue Screen of Death)



Our qualified Technician will come to your site and will go through a detailed computer wellness process that includes the following:

  • Removal of anything that is unnecessary or slowing down the computer
  • Cleaning out all of the junk that builds up over time and is just taking up space
  • Execution of a full malware check and removing all malicious items
  • Completion of a system security assessment to ensure that your system is protected
  • Installation of important updates to your operating system

FACT: Junk files and unneeded registry entries build up over time that should be properly removed

Your computer needs regular maintenance

The Technology Doctor recommends that computer tune-ups be performed at least a few times a year on all of your computers and devices, just to ensure that they are running at their full potential. Regular tune-ups can prevent small problems from turning into bigger ones, and can save you the endless aggravation of struggling with poor computer performance, responsiveness, and functionality.

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