How to Clean CCTV Security Cameras (Preventative Maintenance )

Dome CCTV Security Camera Maintenance

CCTV Security CameraPTZ dome camera’s images can be blurry because of dirt or dust because the camera’s auto-focus function focus on the dome itself.

Also Light from internal camera infrared illuminators (usually a ring of infrared LEDs) is reflected back into the camera’s sensor even by very light accumulations of dust or dirt on the camera’s dome or housing face plate.

Thus, the dome of the camera must be cleaned inside and out, as dust or dirt on either side will reduce the clarity of the image. These cleaning tips also apply to indoor cameras, although they generally don’t get as dirty as outdoor cameras:


  • If there is a significant amount of dry dirt or sand on the outside of the camera housing and/or dome, use a dry soft brush to gently brush it; or use a can of compressed air to blow the dust off, being careful not to be too close to the camera as too much air pressure can push the dirt into the dome, creating scratches.
  • Remove the dome (or open the housing) to access the inside of the dome and use a micro-fiber cloth to remove any dirt or dust buildup.
  • If there is a significant accumulation of dirt or grease on the dome, wash it in warm soapy water and dry it with a micro-fiber cloth (do not use paper towels which may scratch the dome).
  • Clean the rest of the camera, inspecting closely for insect eggs or spider webs.


Box CCTV Security Camera Maintenance

Outdoor box cameras are typically installed in enclosures that often include a fan and/or a heater, depending on the geographic location. Fans and heaters should be tested at the same time that the camera and housing are cleaned.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Clean the exterior of the enclosure using a soft brush, air can or damp cloth. For greasy accumulations, use warm soapy water and dry off the housing with a micro-fiber cloth.
  • Open the enclosure and inspect it closely for insect eggs, spider webs or nest material. Clean the inside of the housing with a soft brush, air can, or damp cloth — taking care not to rub dirt onto the camera itself, especially the lens.
  • Check the wiring in the enclosure to ensure its insulation is intact and has not deteriorated for any reason, correcting any problem found.
  • Once in a while you may find that a lens has a fingerprint or other smudge. Use a lens-cleaning pen or cloth, as ordinary cleaning materials may scratch the lens or damage protective coatings.

Regardless of these tips or other guidance you may find, always follow the camera manufacturer’s cleaning instructions if any are provided.